A brief disclosure over PML-N performance to help opposition and make correct choices rather going for false and incompetence leadership:

• Nandi pur (Gujranwala) power project was intended to produce 425 MW electricity and it was a Combined Cycle Power Plant. And its completion date was April 2011

• While Chichu ki Maliyaan power project was of 595 MW and also a Combined Cycle Power Plant

• 18th Amendment Bill was passed by NA on April 10, 2010 and was signed by President Zardari on April 18, 2010

• Power Production Agreement at Nandipur was signed b/w PEPCO and Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited China (DEC) in January 2008 and ECC was completed in Oct 2008 [By then PMLN was came into power in PUNJAB]
Source: http://emaadqureshi.blogspot.com/2008/07/power-shortagewhere-where-by-emaad.html

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said a German company is executing 400mw and 50mw solar energy projects in Cholistan and investing Rs100 billion.Under the agreement, the German company will install a project of 300mw solar energy whereas the Austrian company would cooperate in hydel power projects.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the case pertaining to the delay in the installation of the power plants, Dunya News reported. During today’s hearing, former law minister Babar Awan informed the bench that he did not receive any summon-notice from the apex court, adding that he has appeared before the bench only after news surfaced in the print media. Babar Awan requested the court to give him two weeks to submit a detailed reply. Also, Ministry for Water and Power also sough 10 weeks time to prepare a final report. The court while adjourning the case hearing, granted two-week deadline to the respondents. The petition was filed by Khawaja Mohammad Asif, a PML-N lawmaker, against the delay in the installation of the Rs29 billion 425MW combined cycle power plant in Nandipur (Gujranwala) and 595MW Chichunki Malian power project in May 2012.

• By the effect of signing the ECCs,, the consignments containing necessary equipments landed at Karachi port and Port Qasim in the beginning of 2009 and 10% payment was made to contractor

• Meanwhile the objections were raised over this project by the then Federal Secretary Water and Power Mr. Ismail Qureshi and Federal Law Secretary Mr. Masood Chsishti
Source: http://www.paktribune.com/news/print.php?id=239846

• The purpose of these objections were just to COLLECT their BLACK MONEY from the concerned Chinese companies and on not being paid the bribe the files of both these projects were withheld as a conspiracy against Punjab

• Punjab Govt raised her voice over this UNFAIRNESS by federal through every means !!
Source: http://www.aaj.tv/2011/01/shahbaz-to-take-up-gas-loadshedding-issue-with-gilani/ (1st Jan’11 – Way before PTI Lahore Jalsa)
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http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=111916 (30th Aug’11 – Read last para)
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http://www.thenewstribe.com/2011/10/03/dengue-patients-dying-due-to-loadshedding/ (30th Oct’11)
http://www.transparency.org.pk/news_detail.php?nid=4413#.UWkx-qKl7jE (TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL REPORT published on 27th Oct’11)

• Meanwhile PMLN Lawmaker Khawaja Asif filed a petition in SC against the law ministry and secretary water and power regarding their unfair treatment and undue delay of the deadly required power projects

• On 26th Oct’11 three member bench headed by CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. heard for the case and formed a commission under the chairmanship of Justice Rehmat Hussain Jafri

• Commission declared the verdict on 7th May 2012 and found the federal law ministry guilty of the power project losses
Source: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-6-106919-Commission-finds-law-ministry-guilty-of-power-project-losses

• Then on 26th May’2012 SS called for a protest against the un-just treatment on the part of Federal Govt towards the PUNJAB
Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/384521/sharif-calls-punjab-to-march-against-ali-baba-and-40-thieves/

• And so on 1st June 2012 SS shifted his cabinet offices in Minar-e-Pakistan!!

• Nation suffered a loss of over 113 bn due to Federal Secretaries (bureaucrats – who are nothing but have become a puppet in the hands of Politicians…..had they not gone for putting hurdles in the way of these projects, Pakistan would not facing the scenario in which we’re now)
Source: http://www.aaj.tv/2012/11/two-energy-projects-stalled-for-years-rs-113bn-in-loss-sc-seeks-report/

Additional: Achievements of PML N Punjab Government
2008 – 2013
(Source: http://pmlnwy.org/faq/)


  • Lahore Ring Road: 40km out of 85km length has been operationalized.
  • Rapid Transport Bus System: 27km long from Gaju Matta to Shahdra worth Rs.30 billion.
  • Air Conditioned CNG Buses for Punjab Urban Areas: Environment friendly transportation facility provided by the Punjab Government in all the cities of Punjab.
  • Model Villages in Flood Stricken Areas: 22 villages comprised of the houses having modern infrastructure facilities including Schools, Market, Parks, Technical Training Center, Livestock Shed and Solar Panels.
  • Agreement for Solar Power: Establishment of Solar Grids, 450 MW in collaboration with German Firms.
  • Waste Management System: Biogas Project, Landfill site for proper disposal of Garbage, Latest Machinery donated by Turkish Government, Help Line # 1139.
  • Aashiyana Housing: 2 & 3 Marla Homes for low income People.
  • Flyovers: Kalma Chowk, Muslim Town, Mugalpura in Lahore & Chandi Chowk Murree Road, Rawalpindi, G.T. Road in Gujranwala City)
  • IT Infrastructure & e-Government: Agreement with Google & Microsoft Corporation to bring efficiency in governance & Arfa Software Technology Park equipped with state of the art facilities.

Knowledge Revolution

  • 20% of Total Budget Allocation for Education: Highest ever in the history of Punjab 117 billion.
  • Laptops for Bright Students: 2 Lacs 10 thousand lap top were given to students only on merit.
  • Danish schools (Aitcheson for the poor): Campuses in under privileged cities of South Punjab.
  • IT Labs: 4500 IT Labs in Punjab Middle School.
  • Endowment Fund Flagship programs of PML N’s Punjab Govt to provide equitable opportunities of education to under privileged brightest students.
  • Punjab Youth Internship Program: Grant of Rs.10,000/- for 3 months for each post graduate student.
  • Punjab Youth Festival: First International Initiative to develop healthy and competitive environment.

Reforms for Super Structure & Law & Order

  • Forensic Lab: The 2nd largest specialty forensic lab has been established where Scientific analysis is done to probe the terrorist & criminals in Punjab.
  • Police & Judicial Reforms: Increase of Salaries & Incentives for Police and Judicial Officers / Officials.
  • Cleansing of ADPs from Corruption: Annual Development Programs were major source of corruption in government departments, this cancer was eradicated by removing and penalizing the corrupt officers by revamping the Anti Corruption Department.
  • Land Record Computerization: To get rid of Patwari Culture, this important measure has been implemented.
  • Quick Response Force: For any disaster management.

Vocational Initiatives & Economic Activities

  • Vocational Training Institutes: The establishment of 420 training centers for labor to make them skilled to enhance their earnings.
  • Yellow Cabs: To create opportunities for unemployment
  • Distribution of Green Tractors: 10,048 tractors have been given to farmers at a subsidized price.
  • Micro Financing Schemes: Small loans schemes for Graduates of downtrodden families on low mark up.

Women Empowerment

  • Quota in Public Service Commission: 33% quota for women in Public Service,
  • Quota in Government Jobs: Allocation of 15% of total job for the women in government sector.
  • Easy Loan: Special fund of Rs.2.0 Billion for easy loans.
  • Day Care Centers: DCC are established for the children to facilitate working women.

Health Care Improvements:

  • Dengue Directorate: Foreign training is provided to Health, Environment & Districts Government workers for proper cure and establishment of Anti Dengue Squad to save precious lives.
  • Free Medicines & Dialysis: Free medicines to the hospitalized patients & dialysis facility to renal failure patients.
  • Extra Protection: Very Expensive vaccination against pneumonia was added to the free vaccination cartel.

Further visit google earth on following link for PMLN’s Development projects, hopefully they will help as eye opener:
Link: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204974103386466258002.0004cb86bfd17a9c911b0&msa=0&ll=30.467614,70.268555&spn=10.915668,18.479004

PMLN services only for Bahawalpur division

  • Shahbaz Sharif General Hospital
  • Women University Bahawalnagar
  • Danish School Rahim Yar Khan
  • Vocational Traning Institute Bahawalpur
  • Water Treatment Plant Rahim Yar Khan
  • Emergency Block, DHQ Hospital Bahawalnagar
  • 187km long flyovers and roads
  • Girls Degree Collage Satellite Town, Bahawalpur
  • Rice Research Station, Bahawalnagar
  • Special Education Center, Rahim Yar Khan

For details regarding performance of PML before 2000 please visit (http://www.pmln.org/pml-n-achievements) & few are summarized below:

  1. Motorway/ MotorWay Police
  2. Atomic explosions
  3. Ghazi Brotha Dam
  4. JF-17 Thunder Project/ Alkhalid Tank Project/ Missile project
  5. Indus Highway
  6. Kohat tunnel
  7. Gawader port
  8. Coastal highway
  9. Introducing Fiber Optic Channel (Rawalpindi to Karachi)
  10. Making new airports of Karachi & Lahore
  11. Privatization of banks
  12. Chashma Nuclear Power Plant
  13. Mobile cellular network
  14. Creation of Nadra
  15. Improvement of road infrastructure
  16. Distribution of land among harries
  17. Green tractor scheme
  18. Yellow Cab scheme
  19. Easy Loan Scheme
  20. Sasti Roti Scheme
  21. New Hospitals/ Labs /Health centers all over Punjab
  22. Creation of 4000 IT Labs in Punjab
  23. Creation of Punjab Forensic Lab
  24. Laptop scheme
  25. Danish school system
  26. Ujala scheme
  27. Punjab Endowment Fund
  28. Ashiana housing scheme
  29. Upper Chenab Canal Hydro Power Project Capacity Of 3.58 MW
  30. Eradication of Dengue
  31. Restoration of Judiciary
  32. Metro Bus
  33. New Carpeted Roads/Flyovers/ Underpasses/ Sewerage Lines
  34. Improved Local Transport(Air Conditioned Buses)
  35. Land Reforms & Records Computerization in Punjab

Lastly I would like to qoute Allama Iqbal and dedicate this to PML-N against all odds:

تندی ء بادء مخالف سےنا گہبرا اے عقاب
یہ تو چلتی ہے تجہی اونچا ارانے کے لیے